Employees’ Compensation Insurance also known as “labour insurance”. “Employees’ Compensation Ordinance” requires employers to purchase insurance for their employees from authorized insurance companies, to protect them from duty-related injuries in the course of employment, whether it’s the negligence of employees, they can be compensated.

General Coverage for Employees’ Compensation Insurance:
Basic Protection
(1) Employees’ Compensation Insurance:
Protect the legal responsibility of the insured as an employer in Hong Kong under the “Employees’ Compensation Ordinance”
(2) Medical Expenses:
Medical expenses of employees from work incurred illness or accident. Some insurers will also cover the fees for outpatient, herbal orthopedics and dental care.
Additional Protection
(1) Personal Accident Insurance:
Provide coverage for accidental death or permanent disability during employees’ vacation leave in Hong Kong

By purchasing labour insurance, employers not only fulfill their legal responsibility, but also allow employees to have better productivity at work with assurance of security for themselves and their families, regardless of illness, injury or accidental death.

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