Professional Liability Insurance is designed to protect against legal liability for the professionals in the event that their clients have sustained financial loss resulting from negligent acts, errors or omissions when providing services or advice to them, the coverage usually includes:

The compensation, legal costs and expenses to be legally responsible by the insured person, including the litigation costs recoverable by the claimants, legal expenses due to defending or denying the claims, or other reasonable expenses that might have agreed to pay to claimants.

The coverage terms may vary with different businesses such as medical practitioners, solicitors, accountants, architects, engineers, surveyors, consultants, travel agencies, property management and schools etc.

Why does your company need professional liability cover? 

To protect against:

Negligence Acts – clients can claim compensation if there are mistakes your company makes through services or advice provided

Defense Costs – law suits expenses against your company regardless of fault

Data Loss or Damage – your company could face claims if there is loss or damage of clients’ data or documents in your care


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