Employees as the most important asset of a company, employers’ concern for them can be reflected through employees’ benefits. Providing employees with health insurance can reduce their routine medical expenses, as well as the burden of hospitalization and surgery can help them get through the hard times.

Group Medical Insurance is the medical expenses employer uses for the protection of employees. It is mainly divided into hospitalization program, outpatient program and hospital cash allowance scheme.

General Coverage for Group Medical Insurance:
(1) Hospitalization and medical coverage
Include hospitalization, doctor visit, surgery and other extra fees
(2) Outpatient coverage
Include the general and specialist doctors’ consultation fees, Traditional Chinese Medicine, bonesetter, acupuncture, physiotherapy and chiropractic, X-rays and laboratory tests fees, etc.
(3) Hospital Cash Allowance
An employee, as a means of protection, is entitled to receive cash compensation during hospitalization

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