The Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes (MPF) was launched 18 years ago since 1 Dec 2000. Since its implementation, MPF has experienced multiple amendments of the Ordinance and market volatility. By conducting regular in-depth reviews on the products of different MPF providers, TIMES strives to bring cost-efficient solutions to clients while serving them with all-round support services, paving them the way to high-quality retirement.

Managing MPF accounts can be tough. With our extensive network and experience in the market for over 30 years, TIMES offers top-notch, comprehensive MPF solutions that make managing MPF a breeze.

Our Services

  • Tailored to Your Needs
    TIMES operates independently from any MPF service provider. By analyzing the coverage of different service providers, we can obtain the ideal rate and package for you as a complimentary service.
  • Market Analysis
    Conducting market research and analysis is a time-consuming process. TIMES provides professional and unbiased advice on your needs, which you can rely on to make the best decision, minimizing the burden of administrative works in return.
  • All-round Support
    As your reliable MPF partner, TIMES always keeps a close eye on the service quality and special offers of existing providers in order to safeguard employees’ interest. We organize member investment seminars and market update seminars regularly to keep you abreast of your MPF platform and market trends. Our professional MPF intermediaries and experienced customer service team are more than pleased to offer help and support to ensure outstanding service experience for you and employees.
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